Another Day, Another Diet

Do you remember when you were a kid and you could eat as much as you wanted and never put on weight? - Well I was one of those kids. Family would always comment on how it wasn't fair that I was in the kitchen cupboards yet again and it wouldn't affect my weight (To be fair I did eat like a pig – still do). Sadly this didn’t last. When I started university I went from barely ever drinking alcohol to a wild student that thought of drinking as a sport! Slowly the pounds slithered around the tummy area, and now almost three years after university I have become your typical serial dieter.The usual cycle is: I start a diet. I miss bad food. I Cheat. I quit. I start a new diet. (I go through this sometimes in just one week)It's like I am searching for this super easy diet where I eat exactly what I want and don't put on weight. (I'm beginning to think it doesn't exist but I’m not quite ready to let go of that dream)Here are some of the many diets I have tried, and if I’m honest I'll end up trying them again:
Ketogenic Diet – I have gone back to this time and time again! Low Carb. High Fat. Moderate Protein. It's a good one and one that I know I will always have a go at because the results are so good!Slimming World – All that pasta and still losing weight! I just didn't get on with it. Maybe I didn’t really try but I just wasn’t feeling it.Just plain calorie counting and healthy eating – At this point I was at highest weight and lowest mood. I dove in. All the healthy eating and all the exercise. 3 weeks in and I had lost nothing. Maybe it was all of the exercise or I was going terribly wrong somewhere, but not seeing the results pushed me back into old habits.

There are a lot more diets to talk about but I won't. I think a lot of us have this habit of hoping it will be easy and then when it's not we don’t have the will power. Hopefully now is the time! My boyfriend wants to lose some weight before he hits 30 in a couple of months and I would like to fit into a certain pair of shorts before our next holiday. I know, I know! - I've told myself all of this 'I'm ready' stuff before, and I will say it all again at a later date! But lets just see, maybe I really am ready this time.

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