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I've given up and restarted blogging time and time again. I have followed a few blogs since I was in University, ad back then these fashion and beauty blogs were the kind I wanted to create, and for a short while I did. I am awful at keeping myself motivated. I have never been consistent and never truly been myself in blogging. Of course when I blogged about fashion and beauty it was what I was interested in, but now that I look back I tried so hard to make my blog as beautiful as the blogs I read I stopped enjoying what I was doing. I have re started many times since then and now here I am again.

No matter how many times I have lost the motivation I will always love writing. And now I find myself in a very good place. I have a stable job and a direction in life. My writing can be for fun with no real pressure. Spending my evenings wearing pyjamas and eating junk food writing about what I want to.

There's no specific genre, but there doesn't need to be. I fail at a lot of things, being an adult, healthy eating, and socialising without being an awkward mess to name a few. Like a child I find it easiest to work to goals, so I've made some. My list may get longer, but for now 20 will do. These are goals that I would like to achieve within the next year. Some are small goals that I would like to do, some are longer term.

1. Read one book at least every two months.
2. Blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
3. Write for myself at least once a week.
4. Take more pictures (not just of the dog!)
5. Take a yoga class / Learn at home.
6. Fit into THE shorts (I'm sure I will explain this in a future post)
7. Start a dream journal.
8. Go to see a psychic.
9. Experience a Reiki treatment.
10. Make and stick to a plan to save money every month.
11. Don't spend any money on myself for three months.
12. Go to Comic Con in cosplay.
13. Make time for Willow every day (Willow is my pet Pygmy Hedgehog)
14. Teach Buster a trick.
15. Get my first tattoo.
16. Start my Driving Lessons.
17. Make a friend through blogging.
18. Do not get a takeaway for one month (baby steps)
19. Have a logo designed for my blog.
20. Sort out filing for important documents.

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