Furry Baby Obsession

Everywhere I look on social media people are settling down, getting married and having babies. Now I understand the settling down and marriage malarkey but having babies terrifies me.

I am now 24 and when I was younger I had it all planned. By now I would have been established in my career, married and if I didn’t already have a baby I would have been pregnant. I was so ready to be an adult back then, but now slowing the process in the form of “NO BABIES ALLOWED” has begun. Don’t get me wrong I like babies, but I’m not ready to devote myself to caring for someone for a minimum of 18 years.

Of course I am a girl and it is only natural for me to have the need to nurture and care for something, and that’s where the furry baby obsession starts.

I have wanted a dog of my own for as long as I can remember. When I was about 9 my parents gave in and got me a dog. Obviously that lovely fluff ball full of cuddles chose to love my parents a lot more than me so he never really was my dog…plus I was a child, I could hardly take care of him by myself. But the minute University ended I found myself surrounded my Chihuahuas (at my boyfriends mums house) and I craved one of my own to look after (much like I imagine a woman craves a baby).

Buster came into my life in a very strange way. We basically chose another dog over him. Both buster and the other dog we had chose belonged to my boyfriends mum. It wasn’t until we were talking about which dog loved who the most that someone pointed out that buster loved me the most. I had never even noticed. He was the most recent addition to the family and he didn’t really get along with the other male dog. At the time I was doing a course which meant I was up early and the first person he would see in the morning. I feel absolutely awful that I didn’t want him from the start. He is my spirit animal. He knows I am having an anxious day before I do. He stay extra close to me when he knows I need comforting, and he is the fluffiest loveliest furry baby I could ever have hoped for.

I do have other pets that I love a tremendous amount but Buster is my furry baby. The guys at work think I’m mad treating him like a baby but how can I not!! I’m sure there are so many of you who are exactly the same as me…or maybe I really am crazy.

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