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As I mentioned in my May round up post, I was very late to the Zoella party. I knew of her and had seen a few videos but beauty guru Youtubers just wasn't what I was into. Until December 2015 I decided to watch her Vlogmas (I love a vlogger – the more every day mundane thing you are doing the more interested I am in the Vlog). Since then I have tuned into most of her videos and when I heard that her new beauty range was being released online on the 27th May I decided to treat myself.

I chose the three products I though I would use most. Two products for the bath and her fragrance mist.

Bath Latte - £6

Indulge in this deliciously scented, creamy bath and shower milk. Enriched with nourishing sweet almond, cacao and honey, the Zoella Beauty Bath Latte will leave your skin feeling beautifully soft, silky and smelling totally irresistible. Your skin will love you a latte!” - Description from feelunique.com

I am a huge fan of a nice hot bath after a hard day at work, and bubbles are always a must so this was the product I had decided on from the minute I saw it. This smells amazing – not too sweet, The boyfriend described it as a smell you always smell when you are in a beauty shop...not quite sure if I agree but you get the gist that it is a sweet, clean, beautiful smell. The product makes amazing fluffy bubbles, I didn’t use too much and I was left with plenty of bubble to make sure I didn’t have to see my nakedness under the water. I wouldn’t normally spend £6 on bubble bath but to be honest the bubble baths I normally buy aren’t the best and don’t have a lot of scent. When I saw the £6 price tag I was pleasantly surprised, the whole range is reasonably priced and a good quality.

Le Fizz Fragrance Bath Fizzer - £5

This irresistible macaron scented Zoella Beauty Le Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer will transform your bath into an indulgent experience.
Lie back, relax and enjoy. Ooh la la!- Description from feelunique.com

The more products I can throw in the bath, the better! I love the concept that it is styled like a bar of chocolate. Once again the smell is amazing, although when both products were mixed into the bath I can't really say which one made it smell so nice (probably both!) The pack recommends you drop 4 squares in so there is plenty for a few uses and at £5 you cant go wrong really.

Body Mist - £8

Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Body Mist is inspired by the scrummy scent of sweet macarons, this deliciously chic fragrance will leave you smelling totally irresistible!” - Description from feelunique.com

I had never used a body mist before this, always just perfumes. I suppose I wasn’t sure about spending money on a fragrance that I wasn’t sure would last, but at only £8 you can't really go wrong, plus I’ve worked my way down to only one perfume at the moment and don't really have the budget to buy another. It has the same gorgeous scent as the rest of the products and spraying all over myself just made the smell better. To my surprise I kept getting whiffs of the scent all day at work, it stayed marvellously. Out of the three product I bought this is by far my favourite – mostly because I can't really stay in the bath all day. This is the product that gets my 10/10 and I will 100% buy again.

Forgive me if my reviewing skills aren’t exactly up to scratch, it's been a very long time and rather than a detailed and perfectly structured approach I prefer to get more personal. I love the range, I will buy again, and I recommend all of the products I tried!

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  1. I can't wait to try some of these! The bath latte is what I'm most excited for, I'm glad it's worth the money!

    Maddie x | thatplacecalledhere.blogspot.com