F**ck My Adult Life

​I never even thought I would get into University, but when I did I was ready to be an adult. Sadly being an adult at University and being an adult with a full time job is very different. 
Sure, while I was at uni I had to look after myself and use my loan to pay rent and bills, but somehow responsibility wasn't high up on my priorities. There was always enough money for a new outfit for a night out. Always a few pennies for getting drunk multiple times a week. The loan came in whether I skipped lectures or not so oversleeping through a class was no big deal. By the end of the three years the journalism degree I earned was no longer what I wanted and it was time to step into the real world.

Now it's been almost three years since I was at university and life is much harder. There's no choice but to work for money, I was a very lazy student, and although there is now a lot less time to be lazy, I am still an exceedingly lazy adult.

As soon as I lock the door behind me I change into pyjamas. I live for whole days and nights spend wrapped up in front of the TV. Chores are even worse than when I was a kid and after cooking dinner every day after work I have a mental breakdown and ruin whatever diet I was on by persuading the boyfriend to get a takeaway. (not that its hard the persuade him, he's as bad as me) 
My weekends are spent catching up on sleep, eating huge amounts of carbs and cheese, playing video games and binge watching a variety of tv series. Don't get me wrong I still love fashion and makeup as much as I used to and although I love the getting ready part of going out it is very rare that a 2 day hangover is justified. 

When I was in school my best friend and I thought we would wear high heels at all times from the moment we went to uni...that never happened. I spent a few weeks wearing heels on nights out and then I learned that you could stay out longer and get drunker if you were wearing nice flat shoes.

I see girls younger than me that look so much more grown up which makes me think my mother is right when she says I dress like a child.

I do as little chores as possible which means all of my clothes are creased until I decide to wear them. Then and only then I will consider ironing.

I want to learn to drive but I keep finding something else I need to spend my money on and honestly most of the time it isn't justified.

FML used to mean I needed to start an essay or I broke my phone in a nightclub. Now its because I argue with BT on a weekly basis and when I look at the adults around me I see myself as a child.

Reading this back it sounds like I think life it bad. It is hard but I enjoy the way I spend my spare time even if it makes me look like a child.

However, I have acquired a taste for red wine which in my eyes makes me a perfectly functioning adult.

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