Does 'App-sessed' sound enough like obsessed for it to be a valid title...I'll worry about that later. Like every twenty-something year old I go through my fare share of apps. Games, diet aides, workout challenges etc. Every month I go through about ten (sometimes more) apps, sometimes none of them survive the month before I'm done with them. But there are always more just waiting for me to try out. During my lunch break at work, rather than reading the paper or a magazine, I will go through the various apps that I am currently obsessing over.

These are Aprils favourites:

City 2048
You might have played 2048 before. Pairing numbers to keep on adding until you reach 2048 and above. It's hard to explain in words, but I could play this strategy game over and over until it makes me angry. City 2048 has the same concept except instead of numbers there are trees, houses, apartment buildings, skyscrapers and beyond. I have been trying for weeks to better my best score but can't get anywhere near! I'm shocked I haven’t thrown a tantrum and deleted the app to be honest.

Cooking Fever
Now this is a real obsession. My boyfriends mum plays it all of the time, and last month I got my boyfriend a tablet for his birthday. I decided it would be best to play on a tablet as its a bit too detailed to manoeuvre on a phone. I love this game I have persevered and I love playing this before bed, or before work if I'm not patient enough to wait until night.

Roller coaster Tycoon
This one I stole off of my boyfriend he started playing it on the tablet and then just stopped! So as any loving girlfriend would, I took over. It's a bit slow once yo get so far, but its one of those games that is in my routine, so I keep playing. Not too sure where it is going but after a long day, I collect my coins and see if I can buy more land to fit in another roller coaster!

This one would be best on a tablet, but I use my phone because I like to play the games during my lunch break. This free app gives you 4 different every day to help you improve on Memory, Problem solving, Language, Mental Agility, Focus and Emotion (not sure how is helps emotion to be honest.) I love seeing how I have improved every day I play. My memory can be quite bad so I have though about playing brain games for a while. Definitely my favourite app this month. You can pay for extra games, but its a monthly/yearly payment unless you want to pay £79.99 for lifetime access to all of the games/features. I don't think you need this though, there are plenty of games in the free version to keep you occupied and improving the skills you choose.

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