Week One and 5lbs Lighter

 Sorry for the delay in posts! Week one is over and so far I am feeling good. Of course every now and then I get a craving. Like on the way home from boyfriends mum's house I really wanted to stop for a flamin' wrap from KFC, and on the way home from an interview earlier the smell of a subway sandwich had me drooling! But so far so good.

Week one has taught us a lot, First and most important is eggs can be really sickly. Having bacon and fried eggs is OK but when using it in the cheese topping for a cheeseburger pie it was so sickly both me and boyfriend had to pick the top part off! It can really put you off the diet so I have decided that eggs will be reserved for breakfast! And so far that has worked!

Keto Breakfast Hash - Recipe from Ketodietapp.com
The second thing it has taught me is we are such piggies!!! Now that we are getting into the diet we are hardly ever hungry, just eating meals when we get hungry and sometimes just eating because we know we have not eaten enough. Which makes the amount of food we were shovelling into our mouths every day crazy!

And third, I need to drink more water. I have started having bladder pains making me think I have an infection but I do remember this last time and after some research it seems quiet common. I just need to remember to drink much more water!!

We have decided to only weight ourselves once a week because last time we went mad weighing ourselves multiple times a day, and the first time I put on weight in the first week so we decided once is a much better idea! And it really was, because finding out I have lost 5lbs and Boyfriend has lost 8lbs was amazing! It really gives you an extra boost and all of those little cravings feel like nothing!
Halfway through the first week we could already see the changes, my belly has shrunk quite a bit and Boyfriend has lost a few chins. (His words not mine)

I know the next challenge will be when the weight loss slows down or even stops. This really knocked us off track last time but I'm doing everything I can to prepare so I know the things we can do to get back on track!

I thought I would include a few photos from our meals for the week, and there may even be some posts on a few of them later on.

Orange Creamsicle - Just as good as the Strawberry!

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