10 Advantages of Living with your Boyfriend

I've lived with my boyfriend for over two years now. If I think about this to much I realise what a grown up thing it is to share a home with your other half! Sometimes I don't quite believe it's real, it's like we are just playing house. When we first moved in together my mum thought it was a bit too soon but I jumped in head first and it was the right choice. Life is pretty good living with the old ball and chain and there are some great advantages of living together…

1. Had a bad day? - You don't have to wait days to see the person who is best at cheering you up!

2. You are in a comfortable relationship – That extra layer of fat around your hips doesn't matter to them.

3.There is a person equally as strange as you in the same house – They love your quirks!

4. Your very own nurse for when you feel sick.

5. They scare the monsters away when you turn the light off at night.

6. All of those t-shirts you can wear to bed! …also boxers...is that weird?

7. Had a bad dream? - They can be pretty understanding when you wake them up for a hug.

8. Dieting together means you can motivate each other - If you fail, you can feel bad together.

9. You are better at compromise – You know when it's not worth arguing about.

10. Nothing beats sleeping next to the person you love every single night.
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