5 Things to Help you Function as an Adult

Do you need extra help being an adult? The urge to slip back into student/teenage life is a constant struggle. Spending money on hoards of clothes and things you don't need. Saving for a mortgage can go right out the window when there is just so much s**t on Etsy you could buy with that hard earned cash. Every day functioning is so hard with out a mid day nap and now that you're in your twenties you can no longer rely on your parents to remind you of Birthdays and anniversaries.

I am a poorly functioning adult but I thought I would share a few things I do that generally help me to stay on the right track.

1 – Buy a Filofax

I love a good bit of stationary and over the years I have wasted countless pennies on pretty pens, pencils and notebooks. Buying a Filofax has really allowed me to still explore all the fun that comes with pretty stationary from Paperchase, while helping me remember how to function.

Throughout the day random bits of important information just fall out of my brain never to be found again. Maybe it's a side affect from all the booze consumed at University or maybe I just don't care enough to be responsible for so much information.

I primarily use my Filofax as a diary. There are other sections that I have designated for various things but I'm still not sure about them (perfectionist) I use different colours handwriting pens, highlighters and stickers so I know what each thing it. For example birthdays are pink, appointments and deliveries are purple, money is green. Writing things down has always helped me learn so as well as a pretty reminder I am hoping this is helping my memory!

I got my Filofax and all of my pens from Paperchase, it was nice and cheap compared to the branded ones, the quality is lovely and it came with lots of inserts.

2 – Notebooks

I could put these things in my filofax but I choose not to. I have a small notebook for money. I write what I get paid and all outgoings for the month. These are also colour coded with highlighter pens. Bills, and rent and other important outgoings tat happen every month are green. Groceries and other necessary purhases (eg. birthdays) are purple and treats for myself are pink. The colour coding is how I plan on finding where I should be cutting back in order to save some money!

I have a slightly larger notebook for things like lists and ideas, I originally used my Filofax for this but the pages can be scribbled and messy and I’m quite neat when it comes to the ol' Filofax (why can't I be neat in every aspect of life!!)


That’s right! We spent years waiting to be old enough to be the boss of our own bed time. We pulled all nighters and sometimes still let the time get away from us when binge watching something on Netflix. But bedtime is important. Not even coffee can save me if I've had no sleep. I don't have an exact bedtime but I do have a bedtime routine. I like to have washed my hair by 8pm so I can snuggle down into bed in a nice pair of Pjs and watch some TV until I fall asleep. However having a boyfriend sometimes means the TV being on way longer than is OK. My boyfriend works shifts and when he gets home at half 10 and I’m drifting off I end up getting woken up by the bright glare of the TV and even on volume 1 it is still too loud!!! Earplugs have helped with this but I have recently discovered that the TV lighting up the room annoys me more. So a cushy eye mask has been purchased.

4 – Sundays

That day where nothing happens. This was such a boring day a few years ago and a lot of the time for many people it is spent hung over. However this is the day I catch up on any clothes washing. I tidy the house and make some time for myself. Starting the week with the house looking like a bomb-site really affects my outlook. Tidy house, tidy mind. Of course by the end of the week the kitchen will have exploded along with the rest of the house. But that's OK because Sunday will always come around for it to be fixed. I have read a lot of blogs that suggest doing this on a Sunday but I don’t remember reading one before I made this day my day of chores….must be a built in adult prompt.

5 - Me Time

I briefly mentioned this in 'Sundays'. To clarify exactly what I mean, I love spending my weekends binge watching a TV show with my boyfriend. We get unhealthily obsessed with TV series and as soon as one ends the fight is on to find a new one to watch before we get too bored. But this isn't me time. In amongst the quality time I get with my boyfriend at the weekend I also like just a little wile to sit by myself on the sofa and watch some girly TV program on my own. A nice bubbly bath with plenty of candles, bath products and an extra large glass of wine is also a good 'me time' activity.

I probably do at least 10 more things that help me semi-function as an adult, but as I explained earlier, information has a habit of falling out of my brain! If you have anything that helps you remember all of the important things or stay on top of your money so you don't go spending it on take outs and make-up let me know! Maybe how I can pass for an adult in public instead of a bumbling child with no sense of direction?

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