May Round Up

Did May even Happen? I cannot believe it is already June. We are already half way through the year! (stating the obvious) Nothing much happened in May and to be honest it felt pretty non existent to me. I write the date numerous times a day in my job and I constantly found myself either writing April or June!

I didn’t buy many products this month so haven’t gathered many favourites, but trying to look at the good things in life leaves me with nice little memories to cheer me up.

Slim and Save

Boyfriend and I have been doing this diet for almost a month now, although we did have a 4 day break recently so we could drink alcohol. This is a very low calorie diet that puts you into ketosis. I won’t say to much as I plan to do a post on this when it has been a full month. But this diet has played a huge part in my mood. At the start of the month I was the heaviest I have ever been and was feeling pretty blue about it but at the end of this month I am starting to see the old me and am full with motivation and love for this diet. (I will be posting about my full month on this diet on 10th June so keep a look out)

Zoella Sweet Inspirations

I was quite late to the Zoella obsession but since watching her Vlogmas series I am decidedly inlove. Seeing as I am trying to save up some money I haven’t really bought myself any treats. When I saw her new products were available online last Friday (and at very reasonable prices might I add) I was excited to spend a bit of money. I haven’t used any apart from the mist, but it smells amazing and I was really surprised that at the end of a full day wearing it I can still smell it on my skin!


Now this isn’t a fully happy memory for me! On the 29th May I went to see Kasabian. I was excited to finally have a night out and let my hair down. Sadly I let my hair down a bit too much and got ridiculously drunk! I haven’t been an emotional drunk in a very long time but at the end of the night I was sobbing. I also have no memory of why or most of the night I just know I cried and made a bit of a fool of myself. Oh well, I’m sure I will stop feeling embarrassed about this eventually!

So it turns out I didn’t have too much to write about this month. There a quite a few things that I plan on being blog posts so I can’t write too much. With all the happy feeling I felt in the past month have also come some sad feelings. Most of these are unexplained girl emotions where I have honestly just felt a bit blergh! I am really in need of a holiday and I think the uncertainty of having enough by August hasn’t been helping. Oh Well! Onwards to happier month and a more well rounded and emotionally stable Chloe!

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