Now TV: What's Worth Binge Watching

That's right, not only am I an avid binge watcher of Netflix but also now TV. I love Now TV because all of the mix of Sky TV shows, I don't have sky so it's great for shows like Game of Thrones which otherwise I would have to find online or wait for it to come out on DVD. There are a lot of show I watch week by week as they come out but like netflix there are so many shows you can sink your teeth into with already a couple of seasons out.

I have a weird relationship with this show. I had watched a couple of the episodes of the first season when it came out because of a blog I had read. I do not find any of the characters likeable. All of the girls are very different, They have different personalities and different lifestyles, and they all have these negative personality traits. For example Hannah makes no sense to me, she is kind of a bitch, she's selfish and she's self-centred. As much as I find these girls unlikable I am so aware of how real their personalities are, we can all be selfish and we can all be bitches, nobody is perfect all of the time and this shows the really gritty side. I think this is what kept me coming back for more and although I stand by finding them unlikable, I want them to succeed. Boyfriend wasn’t too interested in this so I watched it on my own in a weekend or two. Definitely worth a watch.

Modern Family
I had heard so many people reference this show, it was always something I wanted to watch, so all of the seasons being on Now TV was a dream come true. It's been a couple of months since I watched this. In my old flat I had to wake up at 5.30am for work every day due to living so far. Nothing is really on TV at that time so I used to turn this on for a little laugh while I got ready and sipped my morning coffee. It's such a laid back easy show to watch. I'm always looking for shows like this that will help cheer me up on those down days when I don't want to think to hard about the show I am watching, this is the perfect example of that.

Devious Maids
This is a very recent addition to my watch list. I'm all up to date on any of the shows I like to binge by myself, so I thought I would give this a try. The concept is so similar to Desperate Housewives, and considering they are both created by Mark Cherry I suppose they would be similar. (one being about rich people and their families and the other being about maids and the rich families they work for) I loved Desperate Housewives so I know I will continue to love this. I wouldn't say this is one of my go to shows when I don’t want to concentrate much because so much happens and you need to see it to stay up to date. I am about half way through the first series and I am really enjoying what has to offer so far.

The Affair

When I started watching this I wasn't sure if I would carry on (lets be honest it's not exactly a nice subject) but I quickly became obsessed. Without leaving any spoilers I love the layout of this show. The same events are shown twice but from different characters point of views. I loved how neither of the characters involved in the affair admitted it was them that started the whole thing. Most shows have at least one main character you can like, but not this one, you're so mad at them for what they are doing but you are drawn in and although you wont admit it you can feel the excitement they feel. The show isn’t just about the affair – the whole time you are leading up to a murder and you don't know who did it – I have attempted to write a bit more in depth but you need to watch it for yourself. There are two seasons on Now TV and I'm really hoping the third is out soon (Just checked for you and it's in November so you have plenty of time to catch up!)

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