My name is Chloe, I'm 24, and I find it hard to be the serious grown up person that I am told I should be.

I live for lazy days in front of the TV. Takeaways on the weekend. I love fashion, make up and getting all dressed up but I would still choose sitting in some nice pyjamas playing on the xbox over most things.
I start diet after diet and I fail at them all within a few weeks...sometimes its just until the weekend comes around!
I'm obsessed with animals, especially my own and even though I love all of the stationary that comes along with being organised its never too long until I pack it in and my life becomes a random mess again.
I like it this way.

I have blogged a lot in the past and gave up after a few posts, this time I'm taking a new approach. I write about anything and everything. Expect rants and stories about the life of a failing adult, book reviews, beauty posts and maybe even some DIY and recipes!

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