Things I wish I had done while I was at University

These points are more about the lifestyle. When I look back I can come at this subject from two different angles – Things I SHOULD have done to get a degree I will use, and a light-hearted list of things I wish I had done, mostly to have more fun.

1. Stayed Single!! - I got into a relationship while I was at Uni, and eventually we were together because it was comfortable. If I was single I would have paid more attention to my work and spend more time with my friends!

2. Focused on work more – I have always been pretty academically average, but I know I could have done better than I did do.

3. Joined a society – Some kind of creative outlet would have been nice, maybe I would have met some people that live closer to where I am now?

4. Found a part time job – This did happen for a while, but bar work meant less going out with friends. 2 years after uni I am still battling the student overdraft. Extra pennies could have helped. Also, finding a job after university was very hard with no experience.

5. Been better with money – I mentioned the overdraft above, I don't regret anything about uni but saving up is 100 times harder with debt.

6. Gone on a girls holiday – I would have loved to go on holiday with my uni friends, however I had no money and now it seems impossible.

7. Utilized the equipment – Studying journalism meant I had access to resources that may have helped me get into a writing career...3 years later and I'm only just trying this blogging thing seriously.

8. Dyed my hair an outrageous colour!!! - I want to do this so bad now, but it wouldn't look too professional in an office environment.

9. Dated – I have always jumped from serious relationship to serious relationship – I don’t regret not dating and I'm happier than I ever have been now – It's just something I never did.
10 – Lived in the moment – It was an amazing time in my life and I could have had so much more fun if I wasn't worrying!

I am aware some of these contradict each other...especially money and living in the moment….but the lifestyle I had in uni is vastly different to being an adult. This was a time I made mistakes and it didn't matter any where near as much as I thought it did. Taking chances and having fun is what the lifestyle is about.

P.S of course if I looked back from an academic point of view my list may be different

P.P.S I tried to find ridiculous pictures of me from my time at uni, but still not the worst there is out there!

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