April Round Up

I can say that April has been a very good month. Not that any recent months have been particularly bad at all, but this last month I found myself content and happy. Finally certain aspects of my life are fitting into place. The weather still might be a bit crazy but these light mornings are making getting up for work a hell of a lot easier. I don't buy a great deal for myself most months so I decided this shouldn’t be a post of products, but simple things with a few products thrown in if I happened to particularly like something.

Kate Moss Sculpting Palette
I am no make-up artist, so no real life changing contouring is done. However over the past year I have been playing about with hi-lighters and the one I usually use has a bit to much shine for a normal day so I had considered finding one of these matte contour palettes for a while. There was no rhyme or reason to choosing this other than on the day I liked the look of it more that what the other brands had on offer.
My skin can be quite sensitive. Not so much with bronzer but I very often find that I get a bad reaction from blusher – I have been quite lucky with this one. I've been using this product for a little over two weeks now and it's a welcome addition to my everyday make-up routine. I really see a difference in my face when I use a highlighter and for only £6.99 it didn't break the bank.

Slow Cooker
Now this is a real grown up favourite! I bought the slow cooker over a year ago and only used it a handful of times, I always worried that it must cost a fortune leaving it on all day. But it actually works out cheaper to slow cook your meal for 8 hours than to use your cooker for just one hour (info here). I may have mentioned before that I love spending hours scrolling through Pinterest, well there is a whole wealth of recipes to try in the slow cooker, super simple and it saves spending an hour or so making dinner when you get home from work. You can find the link to my Pinterest in the sidebar, I've pinned a few recipes that I'm hoping to try, the cashew chicken recipe is cooking as I write this.

I know it's crazy but this month I lost my LUSH virginity. The bath in my old flat was small and didn't look very appealing but I love the bath in the house I'm renting at the moment. Since I moved in almost 5 months ago I have got a lot of use out of the bath. The cost of Lush products is a bit extravagant for me to buy all of the time. But I recently found £20 tucked away in a Christmas card that I completely forgot about so I thought I would finally treat myself to some of those delicious products...I haven’t been disappointed.

Driving Lessons
I am finally learning to drive! I have been meaning to start lessons for almost a year, but nerves had gotten the better of me. Finally I had y first lesson last week. This was probably the cherry that topped off the month. It was nowhere near as scary as I expected and I'm actually excited for my next lesson. Maybe once I can drive I will be a real grown up!...NAH!

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