Creamsicle Dreams

So far on this diet I'm finding my sweet treat cravings a problem. The Fat bombs and Chocolate mouse I made just aren’t my cup of tea, so I began searching the internet for sugar free treats. Sugar free jelly was the winner, and the Keto community even suggested something else. Using cream!

I am so glad I found this treat, so far it's been the only thing I have found that feels like I'm eating a normal sugary pudding. But you don't want to listen to me rambling on, you want to know where the cream comes in. I found a few posts all about using cream to make jelly and they all call the finished product the same thing, 'Creamsicle'.

I bought some sugar free strawberry jelly sachets. The recipe calls for half a pint of boiling water, and then half a pint of cold water. In this case I used half a pint of boiling water and then a quarter pint cold water and another quarter pint of double cream. Mix it all up and leave it to set in a container. When the jelly sets it separates a bit and the top half is the dreamiest mouse/jelly/heaven kind of texture. It's super simple, you don’t need much to satisfy the craving. 

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