Fat Bombs

The day before we began our diet I decided I would prepare some fat bombs. I wanted to really be prepared this time so if we had a sugar craving I wouldn't have to find a recipe and spend time making it. I decided on making some Coconut fat bombs and Strawberry Cheesecakefat bombs. (I have linked the recipes I used.)

I have to say I'm not to sure what I think of them yet. Fat bomb really is the right way to describe them, its hard to explain but the texture when you're eating them felt a bit gross, but I did like the taste!

I was worried I had burned the coconut when making the coconut ones but everything was fine in the end. I'm not to keen on these ones but my boyfriend thought they were lovely. I had wrote down to keep these refrigerated but I found they felt a bit melty and decided to keep them in the freezer. I really need to find some kind of recipe so I can include these in a packed lunch and have them hold up with an ice pack.

The strawberry cheesecake fat bombs were a lot more to my taste. They did just taste like strawberry cheesecake although the butter gave it that slimy feeling in my mouth that I wasn't sure about. I can get over that though and I'm sure as I start to experiment with recipes of my own I will find other flavours that work for me, so fussy I know!

Both recipes were really quick and easy to make. I ordered some silicone moulds off of ebay. They were smaller than I expected but they did the job and now we have a bunch to live off of so I don’t have to find the time to keep preparing snacks. 

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