The Dreaded Day One

There's always so much enthusiasm on the first day of a diet. I woke up really late but still felt positive, so I went straight to making lunch. Bacon and eggs was on the menu and it left me feeling full and happy. I was ready to wait until dinner to eat, however on a normal day I eat an awful lot. A biscuit here a packet of crisps there, and don’t forget we completely skipped breakfast, but it was not a time for snacking. Boyfriend started moaning that he was hungry as well and luckily we both held up until dinner. I decided I would make a roast chicken so I could use the carcass to make bone broth (More on that in another post.) I was so excited to try a recipe I found for 'Parmesan garlic broccoli fritters' (don't forget to sway the yoghurt for sour cream and the flour for almond four) Sadly my fritters weren't quite fritters. My batter didn’t hold together so I just fried it up as a bass of green mush. It may not have looked very nice but it tasted good, and the dip you make with it was great.

After dinner we had some Keto chocolate mouse (mine was quite sickly but boyfriend enjoyed it) and then it was no more food for us until morning….We failed at that and I ended up making some Kale chips which helped us be good until the next day!

A big problem I have is I’m not much of a fan of hot drinks or water. I'm juice or fizzy pop all the way. I usually drink sugar free juice but I still get worried the sweeteners with effect going into ketosis. I didn’t have a problem with it last time as it isn't like I'm drinking gallons of the stuff. So far I've gone with putting lemon in water and that’s not too bad but I would kill for some Pepsi right now!

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