Our Keto Adventure

A little over a year ago, my boyfriend and I decided to go on the Ketogenic diet. I had never heard of it until doing some research on diabetes while on a work placement. I can get quite caught up on my ideas and after a bit of research we started our Keto adventure. Unfortunately it lasted about a month. I lost about half a stone and my boyfriend lost a stone. I’m not much of a sweet treat eater but once you’re not allowed any it gets hard. Cutting out carbs was so difficult at first but I did end up enjoying the diet. I think it went bad due to being so unprepared and not living in our own flat at the time made me feel uncomfortable making so much mess in the kitchen!!

THIS TIME, I have spent real time planning. I have found so much more information than I did last time, and have found so many more recipes that should make my life easier. I thought it might be helpful to write a little blog on our Keto journey. So to get things started I thought I would let you in on some of the preparations I have made this time that I never had last time.

I expected Keto flu but when I woke up in the night with the worst aces I ever felt I didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t like the normal aches and pains you get when you've been working out, it felt like my bones were aching. I discovered that I may be losing magnesium so I quickly bought a supplement and the pains went away in a few days. This time I am ready prepared with my supplements and have also done some research and plan on making bone broth to drink to help replace some of the vitamins we lose!

As I said before sweet food isn’t exactly something I crave. Going into this diet the first time I wasn’t worried at all about the sweet food, it was the carbs that I was worried about. However knowing I wasn't allowed anything with sugar in made me want sugar. I looked up some keto deserts and using the wrong kind of sweetener is where it all began to go wrong. The weight-loss stopped and we both lost our drive. This time I have discovered fat bombs and have bought a natural sweetener that hopefully we will not use very much. One of my boyfriends biggest problems is he loves sweet food, especially chocolate, so like a good girlfriend I have found a great chocolate mouse recipe that should hopefully help his cravings!

When we first started Keto I had all of these recipes to try and it was great. However not all were easy and we ended up eating the same simple meat and veg every day. I have found so many sources this time that I have no idea where I was looking last time!! I've bought a black board for planning meals a week ahead so I know everything I will need.

This was a big problem last time. More for my boyfriend than me. He works 12 hour shifts and gets very hungry in the day, a simple salad is just not enough. This time I’ve looked for specific lunch recipes, cauliflower 'cous cous' is one of them. Having a few recipes I can cook in advance and just put in a box when I need to will help with that. Having a variety will help a lot as It's so hard to be good when you’re stuck with a boring salad every day!

I'm sure there are many things that happened last time that I don't remember, but I’ll fill you in if I think of any! Boyfriend is just back off a trip so we are diving straight in. The cupboards have been sectioned so we can only get to what we are allowed to eat and the fridge full of everything good. No temptations! …. apart from the leftover ice cream in the freezer eek!

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